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Neurofeedback therapy targets the bioelectrical functioning of the brain. This is a more important issue than "chemical imbalances" that is often talked about. What about my medications?  With successful

neurofeedback training, medications targeting brain functions may be reduced or eliminated, as the brain takes on more of the role of regulating itself. Neurofeedback is all about organizing the brainwave activity that may be currently in chaos, "offline" or dysregulated. Biofeedback is learning through feedback to regulate your pulse, heartbeat variability, stress levels and more. 

How is neurofeedback done? A cap is used on scalp to capture brainwave activity. The signal is processed by the computer and information is extracted about certain brainwaves. This is completely non-invasive and painless.

Once the evaluation is done, an analysis of current activity will be recorded and a training program will be established to start integrating parts of brain, slowing or speeding up brainwaves as needed as well as calming the brain so that it can focus better and run more efficiently.

Neurofeedback and Biofeedback can help a variety of childhood, adolescent, adult issues including:




Other forms of destructive behiaviors



Drug and alcohol use


Sleep disorders

Attention and Concentration Problems

Maintain memory function

Optimal performance for those involved in sports, for executives, etc.

Enhance abilities in the arts

‚ÄčTraining the brain to work as efficiently as possible