Breath of Hope Professional counseling

What is Integral Breath Therapy?

 Integral Breath Therapy is a  powerful, focussed, effective energy therapy  that uses the mind body connection to access  our body’s story of unresolved issues. The breath serves as the bridge between the conscious and unconscious mind. Through circular breathing, the healing spirit of breath becomes a force promoting awareness, transformation and integration. The energy of the breath can neutralize blocks to your life force, energy and increases connection in the body, mind and spirit.

Medical findings published by the Association of Pre and Perinatal Psychology show that by the age of year one, our deeply held beliefs about life are formed.   Breath Therapy heals the deepest wounds and traumas, including those related to our birth experience and first years of life.

In the beginning of treatment, the practice of breathing is examined and corrected. Due to various life's woundings, people have subconsciously learned to distort their breath, creating ways to armor and repress the different woundings. Bringing attention to this and restoring to a more circular breath, the breath can now be used as a tool to work through woundings, blocks and provide healing and restoration.  
Breath work helps clients in exploring new levels of personal expression, creativity, purposefulness and communication within relationships. Some clients have reported a closer spiritual connection.

Breath Therapy is emerging as a valuable tool to assist psychotherapy and to provide  an opportunity for deep healing and integration, creating a sense of unity with self and others.